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Download Worzel Gummidge 2019 S02E03 Mp4
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Worzel Gummidge 2019 S02E03 Movie Download

Worzel Gummidge 2019 S02E03

Worzel Gummidge 2019 S02E03 Mp4 Download

Season 2, Episode 03 – “Calliope Jane”


FR Peregrine’s travelling fair arrive in Scatterbrook, which Worzel desperately wants to attend but can’t risk being seen by the humans of the village. So, he seeks out a magical organ which legend says has the power to send humans to sleep, allowing scarecrows to enjoy everything the funfair has to offer.


At the museum, Aunt Sally finds herself agreeing to go on an adventure with another ex-fairground attraction, Calliope Jane, and it turns out Worzel isn’t the only scarecrow who wants to attend the fair. As the scarecrows descend, the risk of being seen intensifies, but will the legend of the enchanted organ turn out to be true?


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