Download Sand Whale And Me S01 E05 Mp4

Sand Whale And Me S01 E01

Sand Whale And Me S01 E05 Movie Download

Sand Whale And Me S01 E01

Sand Whale And Me S01 E05 Mp4 Download

Sand Whale and Me is a 25 minute, 5-part micro-series from legendary director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor) and Japanese animation studio, Production I.G. The series is a hybrid of live action and CG animation.

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Sand Whale and Me is the story of a female paratrooper in the distant future who is stranded in a vast desert. With limited supply of food and water, her only hope is to catch a sand whale from a pack. If she can’t, her life may just hang in the balance.[1] The series also has a video game aspect, with portions of each episode featuring 3rd person point of view, similar to 3rd person shooters. During these portions, there are also status bars in the corners of the screen that show the main character’s health, level, experience, weapon selected and ammunition remaining.

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